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Good first!

Over a month after the transplantation in the waters of Capo Mortola, on January 24th, the researchers from the University of Genoa immersed themselves for the first time to check the health status of the Pinna nobilis specimens, and fortunately, their visit had a positive outcome. Despite the strong storms of the past week, the biologists found the four specimens in good condition.

“It’s really great news because it wasn’t a given that they would easily overcome the transplant. Instead, we were able to verify that, in these forty days, the fins have adapted very well to the chemical-physical characteristics of the Ligurian Sea water and have been able to feed”, explains Alice Oprandi from the University of Genoa. “Not only that, they have also reformed the byssus they had lost during the time spent in the laboratory”. 

The next inspection is scheduled for about a month from now. In the meanwhile, you can see a short video of the monitoring on Facebook!