This section presents some short informative videos dedicated to the LIFE PINNA project.

A Triton Research production

The videos were made to be uploaded directly to Instagram and Facebook (and not as links to the video on YouTube), but the complete archive is available here. The views on YouTube do not reflect the actual numbers, because they do not account for those on social media, which make up the vast majority

Clip 1. What happened to Pinna nobilis?
Clip 3. Why is Pinna nobilis such an important species?
Clip 5. Why is it important to collect reports of Pinna nobilis?
Clip 2. What are the objectives of the LIFE PINNA conservation project?
Clip 4. How can we understand if Pinna nobilis are in good health?
Clip 6. A map to track Pinna nobilis sightings

The project documentary