LIFE Pinnarca NAT/ES/001265 – Protection and restoration of Pinna nobilis population as a response to catastrophic pandemic started in 2016

Period: 01/10/2021 – 31/12/2024
Coordinating Beneficiary – Fundacion Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Màrtir (IMEDMAR-UCV)
Associated Beneficiaries: CSIC (IEO, IMEDEA); Ecologistas en Acciòn Regiòn de Murcia; IRTA; UA; UAEgean – Research Unit; UNINA – Dipartimento di Biologia

LIFE Pinnarca is a Pinna nobilis conservation project that aims to take action to recover the species along the Spanish Mediterranean coast.
The first phase involves collecting information on the populations still viable in the area of interest and mapping them. In the second phase, the best-preserved populations, which are certainly more resistant to the pathogens that have affected the bivalve, will be protected and some individuals and larvae will be transferred to the areas most affected by the pandemic, so as to encourage the recovery of the species. The reproduction of Pinna nobilis in captivity and its subsequent reintroduction into the wild, as in the case of LIFE Pinna, is not envisaged.