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Life Pinna Exhibition at the Science Festival

One year after the 2022 conference, Life Pinna is back at the Science Festival in the Ligurian capital. On October 26, the exhibition space ‘Eye on the Pinna – Tracking Pinna nobilis, an endangered species‘ will be inaugurated at the Genova Blue District. The exhibition invites visitors to discover the LIFE Pinna project and the biology of Pinna nobilis, providing guidance on how to distinguish it from similar species through technical data sheets and samples of bivalves provided by the University of Genoa. Visitors can also delve into the cutting-edge techniques used by researchers who investigate the ‘genetic footprint‘ of individual populations of this threatened species.

Through project videos, the exhibition will help the public understand how it is possible to intervene in favor of species conservation, working on multiple parallel pathways (from monitoring to genetics, from captive breeding and reproduction to reintegration into protected natural sites) and reflecting on the role that individual citizens can play in complex projects like LIFE Pinna, with a particular focus on citizen science actions. On display, you will find the splendid scientific illustration created by the Polish illustrator Joanna Klepado (that is pursuing a Ph.D. on the use of scientific illustration in nature conservation projects) and the stunning winning photographs from both the Life Pinna photo contest, launched by Triton Research, and the ‘sister’ project Life Conceptu Maris, which focuses on the conservation of cetaceans and marine turtles in open seas.


Occhio alla Pinna

Eye on the Pinna – Tracking Pinna nobilis, an endangered species

By University of Genoa and Triton Research

From October 26th to November 3rd

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, closed on Saturdays and holidays

Genova Blue District

Via del Molo, 65, Genova