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New citizen science effort

To promote the “Report Pinna” citizen science campaign and help LIFE Pinna researchers, an online meeting si planned on 10 May, to learn how to recognise the large, endangered mollusc.

The initiative is part of the “Report Pinna” campaign, aimed at all ordinary citizens, divers, yachtsmen and simple nature lovers with mask and fins, and launched with the concrete aim of helping researchers to locate still-living individuals of Pinna nobilis in our seas, so as to protect them and study their genetic and ecological adaptability. You can already concretely help the scientists involved in the project: anyone who thinks they have spotted a live specimen can make a report by filling in the short questionnaire on this website. Those who give information that proves particularly useful will receive prizes in the form of books, gadgets and the chance to visit the research laboratories involved in the project.
And to make citizens’ reports even more reliable, thanks to the collaboration of PADI – Professional Association of Diving Intructors, Outbe and the IMC Foundation, Triton Research planned an online meeting, in which experts will explain how Pinna nobilis can be distinguished from other similar molluscs and illustrate the procedures to be used to report it correctly.

The appointment is for 10 May at 6 p.m. (duration: approx. 30 minutes, in italian).

Francesco Tomasinelli, Triton Research
Daniele Grech, IMC Foundation

If you are not part of the PADI network, just type  111111 come “PADI number”
All interested persons are invited to attend the meeting.