A European project
for Pinna nobilis

The project

On 1st October 2021 LIFE PINNA, the European project set up to save the fan mussel, Pinna nobilis, kicked off.

The largest bivalve mollusc in the Mediterranean Sea, a species that lives only in our seas and plays a precious role in coastal ecosystems, is critically endangered after an epidemic decimated its population in 2016.



Art in support of nature

November 21, 2023
The LIFE Pinna team meets the Polish illustrator Joanna Klepadło, who created a splendid illustration…

LIFE PINNA at the Science Festival

October 23, 2023
This year there will also be Life Pinna in the programme of the Genoa Science…

Life Among the Reef 2023 – The Winning Shots!

October 2, 2023
The jury has determined the winners of the LIFE Pinna photo contest, Life Among the…

The Species

Already present in our seas 20 million years ago, Pinna nobilis, is the biggest bivalve mollusc in the Mediterranean. From the Strait of Gibraltar to the Black Sea, there are no more majestic ones: this precious giant of the invertebrate fauna, in fact can even live up to 45 years and grow in a wonderful shell of over 120 centimetres, generously covered with scale and micro-organisms. 

Lives only in the Mediterranean

It is also known as “sea castanet”…

From collecting to protected species

In the past this species has attracted the attention of shell collectors and collectors of byssus…

The deadly epidemic

Starting from 2016, in fact, there was a sudden mass mortality…

Areas of intervention

Coordinating beneficiary

Associated beneficiaries

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